Liquid Love Retreat Ibiza  

Liquid Light Detox Retreat Ibiza at Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat

Liquid Light Detox Retreat Ibiza
with Ayurvedic Detox Treatments
Best Ibiza Wellness Vacation from 14 - 21 November 2014
at Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat

Benefits of green juice fasting:
- Strengthens the immune system & will, emerges energy, brings clarity to eyes, mind & skin,
regenerates organs, awakens joy & enthusiasm
- Helps to focus, reduces toxic desire, regain ideal weight.

Allow yourself to:
-  Get back in communication with your body’s subtle messages
-  Improve focus and mental clarity
-  Recover your natural state of peace and joy
-  Understand and overcome overeating habits and compulsive eating.
-  Significantly boost your energy and enthusiasm for life!

These are all symptoms of toxicity !!

Do you suffer from:
- Lack of energy and concentration, depression and mood swings, digestive problems, joint pains,
weak immune system, various diseases, accelerated aging ?
- Craving for alcohol, coffee, drugs, sugar or tobacco?
Are you: Sick easily, overweight and addicted to unhealthy foods?

Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat offers you the opportunity to release body toxins and recover balance and strength with alkalizing green juices, in 7 days.

Imagine yourself on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Ibiza in Autumn, where the weather is still wonderful and the atmosphere is perfect to get in touch with yourself through a juicy routine that brings you back to your natural glow, just before the winter starts.
A simple but deep experience that will make you feel amazing.*

Since detoxing in a group allows us to share energy from, and with each other, it will be an empowering process where all participants regain beauty, clarity, energy, health and power.

The Liquid Light Detox Retreat Ibiza
includes a variety of daily activities:

Detox Green Juice liquid diet

- Ayurvedic Detox treatments
- 4 juices a day, cold pressed for maximum potency, plus medicinal
  soups & medicinal herbal teas
- Learn about what nourishes you best & and receive the basic
  tools to prepare delicious alkaline food

- Re-pattern your thoughts for a greater health

- Develop a high sense of awareness of your body

- Get relaxed about food and cravings

- Amazing lectures with different Experts

Daily dynamics on:
- Detox yoga sessions by yoga teacher Lena Tancredi
- Pranayama, feldenkrais, meditation
- Dancing
- Inspiring Films
- Walks in Nature
- Keys and guidelines for a holistic and healthy lifestyle
- And much much more...

ofcourse the retreat also includes

- accommodation at Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat
- WiFi


November 14 to November 21, 2014

Reveal the magic of life

Booking request: Liquid Light Detox Retreat Ibiza

Yoga teacher
Lena Tancredi
invites you to the Autumn Detox:
Liquid Light Detox Retreat
Detox Green Juice

Fasting guide Aliwalu

- IIN Health coach by IIN
Integrative Nutrition
institute NY
- Raw nutrition certificate by
David Wolfe at Body Mind
- Founder of Zenses, the art
of living consciously
- Multidisciplinary artist

from Friday 14 - 21  November 2014